About Us

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Our motto is

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

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Bruno Marx

CEO & CoFounder

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Our Core Values



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How We Work?


We first identify your project requirements and plan the project’s immediate future in detail, then prioritize tasks in tune with an estimated delivery time. Also, you can send your project requirements to us and get them reviewed via our ardent analysts.

Comprehensive Analysis

After collecting your project requirements, we do a comprehensive analysis to bestow good benefits and make an effective strategy.


After analyzing the project thoroughly, our certified professionals will discuss your online store needs, business goals & other queries with you.

Strategy & Action Plan

Once the business goals & timelines are discussed, our next step is to make a specific strategy. Thinking out-of-the-box for creative solutions and quality work, we make an effective strategy and turn it into an action plan to ensure smooth workflow.

Development & Testing

Here we collect all the information & resources to build the final product. After the completing the development, your project will undergo testing phase consisting of unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing.


After performing testing, we set up the configuration setting in order to deliver / deploy the project online/live. If any issue occurs during deployment, it is rapidly assigned to QA team & receives the QA testing as long as it becomes able to perform at its best.


During the maintenance phase, your project/product is kept under constant supervision of our certified experts so as to keep it working at its best potential.


Completing a project within a given deadline is our prominent priority. Thus, we ensure to deliver the project under a pre-defined stipulated time frame along with best-in-breed development techniques.