What steps are required for initiating E-Commerce brand

How could an E-commerce Brand be launched successfully?

E-commerce (electronic commerce) has been the emerging intervention of the information technology for electronically buying or selling of products through internet. However, electronic commerce has been utilized through numerous online activities like mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), online inventory management systems, and most importantly automated data collection systems. Furthermore, E-commerce have supported semiconductor industry with immense technological advances and as result ensured semiconductor industry to be largest sector of the electronics industry globally. It has been typically used by the World Wide Web and the e-mail, although for the purchase of online books and music purchases especially. Moreover, e-commerce has three main key aspects; online retailing, electronic markets, and online auctions. However, its market and users have been increasing with phenomenal rate, online market has an expected growth of more than 55% in 2015–2020. In year 2017, 2.3 trillion US dollars business have been accounted in retail e-commerce sales globally whereas enhanced revenues have been expected of 4.88 trillion US dollars in till 2021. Focusing on China having near to 668 million Internet users, created e-commerce transactions with other countries near to $375.8 billion in year 2012 and almost accounted 9.6% of China’s total international trade like alibaba has 80% e-commerce market share within China. On the other hand, the e-commerce has the integrated model covering both inter-company and intra-company functions along with the grip over three flows like physical flow, financial flow and information flow of entire supply chain. Following have been the successful e-commerce model illustrated below;

How Do I Start An Ecommerce Brand?
How To Build A Good Ecommerce Website?
Which Is The Best Platform To Build An Ecommerce Website?
Which Website Builder Is Best For Ecommerce?
How Can I Be Successful In Ecommerce?


Business to Business (B2B):

Most authentic e-commerce model ‘Business to Business’ for ensuring online transaction that have been typically made between companies that are engaged in business with each other. However, the final consumer is not engaged or involved in any transaction. These online transactions could be between manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers etc.

Business to Customer (B2C):

This is again a significant model of e-commerce that ensures secure buying and selling of the products and services of the company with their customers directly. This requires the websites of the company for sharing the details of products, pictures, reading of the reviews. Perfect example of this model could be the Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong etc.

Customer to Customer (C2C): 

Consumer to consumer model represents the direct relationship of consumers along with their direct contact with each other with exclusion of any company. Consumers could directly purchase and sell products and services to interested parties like OLX, Quikr etc., where company’s website ensures secure information sharing among consumers.

Customer to Business (C2B)

This model is reversal model of B2C where consumers share the information of their goods and services to the company for further business or trade. Company ensures the information privacy and charge small charge against these buying and selling like an IT freelancer uses the platform to share demos and sells software.


How do I start an ecommerce brand?

Focusing on the e-commerce brand execution which needs to be exceptional, unique and diversified, and more productive than your competitors for attaining success. Further e-commerce has been the emerging area all across the globe. Moving towards the business, initial step is to finalize the brand name depending upon the offered products and services, further to ensure product listings, and initiating the plan of selling the products online. Moreover, key steps include the following:intiate ecommerce website brand

Proper research of the market in context of demand of brand within the new marketplace; At initial stage it has to be clearly understood that there is no single business structure which works for everyone. Moving towards service-based business, digital product sales, and physical products need to be addressed with comprehensive research of the new market.

Creating Online Store; This step is significant for launching the brand whether through web or mobile app ensuring complete solution for the consumers or the target market. Further ensuring brand visibility through online coupons and content via email for attracting the traffic.

Proper Pricing, Product and Promotional activities; 3Ps need to be ensured before execution of any new brand within the new marketplace for attaining success. However, pricing has been the key significant aspect in terms of attracting maximum customers.

Attracting Customers towards e-commerce store; It has to be taken under consideration that maximum traffic flow need to be ensured for capturing healthy business in the context of new brand.

Further key steps need to be ensured at brand selection level:

key steps need to be ensured at ecommerce website brand selection level

  • Register the brand in the context of legal protections and tax benefits
  • Pick legal brand name
  • Proper licensing of the brand for further business
  • Vendor or target customer selection
  • Logo creation for the brand launch
  • Proper visualization for marketing and advertising

Although e-commerce online sites invest heavily in online marketing for maximizing their advertisement channel and same practice needed for the execution of new e-commerce brand. Moreover, selection of the authentic website builders need to be properly handled during finalization of the e-commerce brand site.

How Do I Start An Ecommerce Brand?
How To Build A Good Ecommerce Website?
Which Is The Best Platform To Build An Ecommerce Website?
Which Website Builder Is Best For Ecommerce?
How Can I Be Successful In Ecommerce?


How to build a good ecommerce website?

Keeping in view the emerging digitization and numerous brands have increased their sales through the use of e-commerce, there needs to be a unique e-commerce website for the customers. Focusing on the Alibaba Group, Chinese multinational conglomerate holding company with market value US$231 billion. Company is known as the world’s largest retailer and e-commerce Company which was founded in 1999. There are some key steps that need to be taken under consideration for building a successful e-commerce website like Alibaba;

best ways to design ecommerce web design

One year SEO strategy; For starting from scratch, SEO strategy need to be initiated one year before site launch, with parallel building up the e-commerce website. Some key steps are further illustrated;

Purchae a domain name:

First key step for building website is to have a domain name which could be done in nominal budget.

Find a web developer:

Ensuring this crucial component of launching e-commerce website requires professional developer. It could be done through collecting the right reference and knowledge from other ecommerce websites the developer has built with success. Further step is to draw a timeline for anticipating the task. Although a graphic design background need to be taken under consideration in the context of high quality.

Proper Documentation and Paperwork:

Proper paperwork has been required in terms of vendor’s License along with catering the legal bindings regarding launching of e-commerce website.

E-commerce and website hosting platform:

Popular website hosting platform need to be selected for saving both time and money like WooCommerce or BigCommerce.

Theme selection for e-commerce brand vision:

Theme could be purchased with proper layout in context of saving time with vision of launching successful e-commerce brand website.

Ensuring live website:

This step need to be ensured on priority basis even before listing any of brand and product. Most importantly the “About Us” page and a contact page need to be live with top priority for sharing message to target customers.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO):

This tool is effective in terms of sharing SEOs along with journalists having a robust database of sources. Purpose of this tool is to build credibility and establish media relationships for e-commerce site.


It is important to have a strong relationship with the media personals and for this Pitchbox could be the best tool which automates the outreach grunt work so that best outcomes could be ensured.

Personalized outreach:

It has been important to build relationships, both for vendors and for the media. Although vendors have been the people who dictate both sales and promotions.

Get a payment gateway:

Payment gateway has been the mandatory aspect for securing the financial transactions whether through credit card or debit card processor. Other options could be PayPal or Stripe. It is important to have approval for the payment gateway and credit card processor which require proper research work and behind working for successful launch.

Google Shopping and Facebook Product Catalog:

Both forums could be used for bolstering SEO during the development of the e-commerce website.

Order packaging and figuring out storage options:

It has been the key element before the launch of the website in terms of storage of the inventory along with the shipping mechanism. Different packages regarding shipping need to be finalized during this step for attaining healthy outcomes.

Focusing on the successful launch of the e-commerce website which need minimum tenure and timeline of 12 months for attaining desired results.

How Do I Start An Ecommerce Brand?
How To Build A Good Ecommerce Website?
Which Is The Best Platform To Build An Ecommerce Website?
Which Website Builder Is Best For Ecommerce?
How Can I Be Successful In Ecommerce?


Which is the best platform to build an ecommerce website?

There are numerous forums and platforms available globally for building an e-commerce website. However, e-commerce platform has been the software for supporting the online store for online business.

Wix Stores:

It has been a Simple, Beautiful and Affordable platform with website builder for the e-commerce users who are interested in launching e-commerce website. It also provides a feature of online store along with shopping cart for ensuring the official app market business.


It has been the best opportunity for beginners, it has been similar to Wix with enhanced intuitive, simple, and comprehensive interface. It comes with an option of unlimited bandwidth along with the improved storage space.


This platform is best for the Small Scale Business that provides full SaaS platform as well as a shopping cart. It has been similar to Shopify with enhanced option of management capabilities. This platform also offers enhanced tools and features especially like promotions and unlimited product variants. Also, this platform has integrated option with Amazon, eBay, and social networks.


This platform has been one of the most well-known names in the e-commerce industry due to its famous super easy interface for use and quick to set up. Only customer has to signup and use the platform. Shopify also provides dozen of free mobile-optimized and elegant themes. Furthermore, platform supports diversified third-party payment gateways for making ease for their customers with security.


This platform has been another cloud-based and hosted option for building up an online stores and shopping carts. Platform was initiated two decades ago and successfully processed near $28 billion sales since inception. It has been enhanced solid platform with proper product management tools like rich text product descriptions for ease of their customers.


This platform is similar to the Wix with option of website builder operating with drag and drop. This platform is often focused on visually appealing websites. This platform provides website templates at initial stage with elegant, beautiful, and polished interface ensuring their customers to select according to their choice. Platform also ensures many data points for optimizing the site and conversions including sales, revenue, traffic sources of respective websites.


This platform has been similar to WordPress and piece of open source software which could be downloaded in any server for further use. It has been a self-hosted solution


This platform is similar to Magento and could be installed or downloaded in any server for use. It covers and provides a complete solution to users, unlimited products could be set up for further business. It also ensures product rating and review options to the customers.

Zen Cart:

It has been a platform with open-source e-commerce aspect that is similar to OpenCart with download and install option to any server. This platform also provides a cloud version of its solution. Also, user interface provides an overview of every important data point regarding all product line and also control several stores from one place.

ecommerce 2019 data

How Do I Start An Ecommerce Brand?
How To Build A Good Ecommerce Website?
Which Is The Best Platform To Build An Ecommerce Website?
Which Website Builder Is Best For Ecommerce?
How Can I Be Successful In Ecommerce?


Which website builder is best for ecommerce?

Focusing on the best featured website builder for the e-commerce which has cloud-based web development platform feature.

choose the right platfrom

Considering the best rating website builder, it could be Wix with 4.6 top rating among others. Furthermore, it has been the best cost effective model with full secured solutions. Moreover, it has no technical requirement, it allows enhanced creative controls with modern designs, themes and easy interface. Wix could be the best dream solution for the technology beginners, it ensures online store with zero cost. In other words, it enables the ecommerce empire’s foundations without spending a dime. It has most enhanced feature of testing its sale features like it supports multi channel selling. It allows the users to have HTML5 websites and mobile sites according to their customized requirements with drag and drop options. It has been built on built on a freemium business model. This platform was founded in 2006 and currently has 12 offices in different locations around the world with more than 1,800 employees. This platform has more than 34 million users. Users can further integrate third-party applications into their own web sites like online community and email marketing etc.

How Do I Start An Ecommerce Brand?
How To Build A Good Ecommerce Website?
Which Is The Best Platform To Build An Ecommerce Website?
Which Website Builder Is Best For Ecommerce?
How Can I Be Successful In Ecommerce?


How can I be successful in ecommerce?

Since the last decade, this industry has found rapid growth and immense popularity with upward trajectory across the globe. According to the researchers, this industry will flourish with rapid pace and it will ensure retail e-commerce sales more than $540 Billion by the end of 2020. Focusing on the key steps that are required for attaining success in e-commerce;

How can I be successful in ecommerceDon’t rush the launch; Normally, biggest mistake that have been made by e-commerce entrepreneurs is the forcing or rushing the launch of a website resulting unsuccessful results. It would be better to have ‘Coming Soon’ page during purchase process of domain name.

Strong focus on the user; It has been a key aspect of addressing the user preferences and their requirement which surely results high satisfaction and loyalty of users with the company. However, the biggest shortcoming of ecommerce businesses could be the inability to let their customers feel more comfortable and relaxed before making their decisions.

Test absolutely everything; This has been the most significant part, proper testing and analytics required before and after the launch of the e-commerce website.

Work closely with social; E-commerce entrepreneur always ensure strong relationships with social media because it is the heartbeat of the business in terms of its advertisement and promotion.

Incorporate social elements; This element need to be addressed properly through the provisioning of the product reviews and testimonials follow buttons on the website.

Stay on top of SEO; Regular activities related to SEO are required even before the launch of the website, it could be done through social media for attracting the customers with increased crowded space.

Continue evolving; Latest technology and trends need to be followed with time to time depending upon the requirement and need of the customers and competition, keeping in view that never stop evolving. As e-commerce is the variable market depending upon the diversified customers with different needs with the passage of time.

How can I be successful in ecommerce website

Focusing on these tips will definitely result healthy outcomes and results within the e-commerce sector. Other tips include offering appropriate and best pricing, ensuring the free shipping and making the checkout process easy along with easy payment methods for the customers. Also, ensuring easy user interface and dashboard. In the last, ensuring regular promotional activities through sales, discounts and coupons for attracting the traffic and increasing the revenues.

How Do I Start An Ecommerce Brand?
How To Build A Good Ecommerce Website?
Which Is The Best Platform To Build An Ecommerce Website?
Which Website Builder Is Best For Ecommerce?
How Can I Be Successful In Ecommerce?



start an ecommerce brand conclusionE-commerce has been the most emerging sector across the globe. All the developed countries have been focusing on increasing their revenues through promoting their business through e-commerce industry. Keeping in view the execution of the new e-commerce brand that requires proper research work and the in-depth knowledge about the key steps that are required for attaining successful results. To conclude, different platforms have been discussed with their features and benefits regarding e-commerce website building. In the end, Wix have been found most successful platform for launching of the website.

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